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Hi! Does anyone know how to make a successful cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream? I tried making it by replacing half of the butter with cream cheese but the buttercream never came together. Instead, it stayed a soft, separated mess! I even let the mixer go for over 15 minutes and it just looked like a soft meringue. I thought maybe i didnt let the meringue cool down completely so I put the buttercream in the fridge and it never set. I even left it in the freezer for 4 hours and it stayed soft!  I wasted an entire day playing around with this recipe but I am determined to get it right because cream cheese frosting is just so damn good! Any suggestions???

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You need to make your buttercream frosting first, then add in some cream cheese. You need to have the full amount of butter to make a swiss meringue butter cream.


How much cream cheese to add? Depends upon how large of a batch of frosting your making. For a small batch (kitchen aid size....about 8 oz. of cheese.


You do know that a standard cream cheese frosting recipe in the U.S. is not made using a meringue based frosting, right?

I used to change up my recipe for cream cheese icing by replacing the powdered sugar with granulated sugar which was cooked to a high temp with water and cream of tartar, to maybe 260*, then putting it in a 20 quart mixer to cool a while, then adding the butter then cream cheese and vanilla.  It made a really smooth cream cheese icing, but ultimately it was too much of a pain.  I don't have the recipe anymore.  I did this because sometimes I can taste the cornstarch that is put in the powdered sugar to keep it from clumping.  Here is the recipe I use now, just replace powdered sugar one to one with granulated and cook with the water and tartar (or glucose or corn syrup)

3 # powdered sugar

Pinch salt

2 # butter, room temperature_

6 # room temperature cream cheese

1 oz vanilla extract


Maybe you solved this by now. But I use Italian Meringue BC because it's more stabile than Swiss. I make a regular cream cheese frosting, and incorporate some into finished buttercream. Both need to be at room temperature.

I am sure you have resolved this by now but if not or for others in need hope this helps.....

Don't over beat your cream cheese as it will separate it  has a higher water content so you must take that into consideration  incorporate lastly into mixed meringue in small amounts on low speed. I find working with a sugar syrup meringue like Italian is easier. always make sure your cream cheese is at room temp and use powdered sugar. Or Have you ever tried a straight French butter cream so good.......

                             combine caster sugar and water in saucepan(8oz sugar to 2oz water) boil till dissolved and reached 240 degrees, in mixing bowl beat 3oz yolks with wire whip till thick and light, while whipping on low add syrup to beaten yolks continuing to mix till cool, whip in butter 10 oz total (cream cheese) in small increments as rate that it is absorbed, lastly add 3/4 tsp vanilla.  yields 1#6oz

Hi ..I just chanced upon this..were you ever able resolve this issue you had with cream cheese Swiss Buttercream..I had the same problem and finally have a fail safe method.
I first make a cream cheese frosting with regular granulated sugar - so its creamed butter and sugar..then add cream cheese. Then i make a plain Italian meringue (no butter added). I then fold the italian meringue into the cream cheese frosting. The amount depends on the taste.for 1kg of cream cheese frosting I fold in 500g of Italian meringue. I adjust the richness with added marscapone cheese or sour cream. This holds up very well in the summer and tastes wonderful.




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