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I recently had caramel made with whole eggs and it was amazing, however I can't seem to figure out how to copy. Does anyone know of a recipe out there?

THank You

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Was it something like a Creme Caramel or some kind of caramel sauce, maybe a caramel anglaise?

it was used in a candy.

have never made before, but i have an old formula for standup caramels, as follows:

12 lb sugar

8 lb glucose 42 DE

24 lbs 40% cream

18 eggs or 1.9 lbs

1.5 oz vanilla

1. mix eggs with cream

2. place sugar, glucose and 1/2 egg mixture in kettle, cook until batch thickens, add the remaining egg cream mixture.  cook to med ball, add vanilla

3. pour onto oiled slab, allow to sit overnight.  cut and wrap.  best if aged at least a week. 

I have never come across a caramel recipe that calls for eggs to be honest. Was the candy made of caramel or was it just coated in it?




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