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Okay, after 10 attempts at mediocrity, I'm asking for help. I want to make a bottle out of sugar. I heard that old movies used to do it, and I need one. Up until now, I've been melting isomalt and pouring it on silpat formed with edges to roughly give me the shape of a flattened bottle. Then I've draped the melted isomalt sheet (which is then flexible but not fluid) over a greased bottle. Then I've been heat gunning it to work the shape. It keeps shattering, not taking a good shape, screwing me up at the bottle neck, etc.. Any ideas that might help?

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Yeah, either at mouthfuls or my blog, there's a little demo - its super easy with that kit. takes me to a porn site.. as interesting as it might seem.. this is not my choice for desserts for my customers or children's eyes... please verify the website again and repost.. thanks (yes, i have a sense of humor.. so i'm not traumatized .. others might be)
Sorry for the mistake. It should have been . Strangely tonight I can't seem to click on the website. I did this morning and it went threw as always....




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