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Okay, after 10 attempts at mediocrity, I'm asking for help. I want to make a bottle out of sugar. I heard that old movies used to do it, and I need one. Up until now, I've been melting isomalt and pouring it on silpat formed with edges to roughly give me the shape of a flattened bottle. Then I've draped the melted isomalt sheet (which is then flexible but not fluid) over a greased bottle. Then I've been heat gunning it to work the shape. It keeps shattering, not taking a good shape, screwing me up at the bottle neck, etc.. Any ideas that might help?

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Can you do it out of blown sugar? If not, using your method, it sounds like the isomalt is hardening befor you have a chance to bend it into the shape you want. Have you tried working under a heat lamp instead of using a heat gun? Or depending on your oven size, opening a warm oven and working directly inside of the oven? Just some thoughts. There may even be some molds out there, or chicago school of mold making has some ingredients to make your own molds I think
Thanks John. Since my original post I used better googling skills and apparently you mold off a real bottle with food grade silicone or modeling clay, then pour molten sugar inside of that. I have a kit on its'll arrive Monday the day my project is due!
There is a product called Chef Rubber Silicone. Your going to case your mold around a bottle. All the directions are in the product. It's like mixing opoxy. It will tell you how to create your mold and everything. Hope this helps...
Thanks. I'll post my results on Monday.
Hi Rob, did it turn out?

I saw the thread of MF.....the demo tape made things unbelievable simple....all except for forming the bottle mold. How did it go?

Super easy with a silicone mold kit that i found. I'll be posting the details on my blog in the next day or two. HERE'S my blog post about the dessert.
My next step would be to refine the bottle to make it more clear/thin, but for the purpose of this project, this is fine.
That looks awesome. You did a great job on the bottle.
Thanks :)
I never would have thought it could be as "easy" as that demo. It's great inspiration!!
what demo?
Rob started a similar thread at Someone there shared a link to a demo posted on (sure I can't think of the site....the one where people post videos). It's a pretty good demo from a women in her home making a sugar bottle. The only thing missing from this thread and the demo thread is how they made the bottle mold...........but I'm assuming it's not any different then other demo's I've seen on mold making....?....




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