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We are searching high and low for this vanilla extract.

Does anyone know where we can find a bigger than 8.4 fl oz bottle?

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I googled this and so far all I've learned is that it's a Mexican vanilla. I know that's not helpful but it might give you some inspiration for what else to search for.

I just returned from Mexico. I bought a larger bottle of this vanilla in (the town of) Buceria. It's a little north of Nuevo Vallarta. But it was for sale all over (as well as other brands). I'm not sure if that was the brand in the Walmart in Vallarta. But all the market stalls in Buceria had it. Unfortunately, there's no manufacturer's address provided on the bottle. Still, it's alive and well in Mexico. If you know anyone who's going, maybe they can find the manufacturer's address for you while they are there. Ava

that is absolutely helpful, thanks ava!
I am curious how you are going to follow up with this?




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