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We are producing three types of bread at our bakery: white, whole wheat, and a porridge bread. All three look really great coming out of the oven but when they have cooled all of them suffer from loose or wrinkled tops. There are three bread bakers and this happens to each one of them. We are using two proofer's set at about 100'F and 3 on the humidity dial. Any suggestions or solutions? We do run our dough on the wet side of the scale as well.



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I looked in my books and didn't find much help, other than oven temperatures.  improper shaping, not baked long enough, have they checked the internal temp before removing?  Do they sound hollow if thumped.  My bread with wrinkle on the sides if my girls don't remove from the pans soon enough.

I get this problem on my cakes if the AC is on when they come out of the oven. Could be an airflow or humidity issue in your kitchen, near the oven/cooling racks.




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