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Grasshopper Cheesecake

The cheese cake flavor changes weekly in the pastry shop, which presents a great opportunity to be creative.  This is my grass hopper cheese cake with Creme de Menthe sauce.  Its a tribute to one of my favorite classic mint coctails.…

Photo uploaded on June 9, 2013


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3D Cut Outs

We have 3D movies and 3D why not 3D Cookies!!!  These 3D lion cut out cookies were part of a Noah's Arc themed kid's party.  I baked the orange sanding sugar on to the cookie, and I added the royal icing details later.  This brand of sanding sugar catches the light and really sparkles.  The kids and parents gobbled them up!…

3D Lion Cookie


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In 1996 I lived in Midtown Atlanta just a few blocks away from the Krispy Kreme store.  It was open 24 hours a day, and every morning the aroma of fresh doughnuts would waft into the open windows of my bedroom, beckoning me to walk down the street for some deep fried goodness.  That was the year I fell in love with doughnuts, and subsequently gained several extra pounds.  In an effort to find a lower fat alternative, I have been experimenting with baked doughnut recipes. 



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Coca Cola Red Velvet Cupcakes

Coca Cola has a huge presence in the South, especially here in Atlanta.  The sweet caramel flavor of Coca Cola frosting is the perfect compliment to these moist red velevet cup cakes.  Their true Southern flavors make these cup cakes are some of our most popular banquet desserts.…

Coca Cola Red Velvet Cupcakes


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Liqor 43 Souffle

One of my all time favorite desserts is Gran Marnier souffle.  It was on the menu when I first started in the pastry shop at the hotel, so I got to make it and eat it almost every day!  A regular hotel guest would request his souffle to be made with Liqor 43, so we kept a bottle is stock just for him.  The first time I tried it, I was in heaven!  Liqor 43 has forty three different flavoring components including citrus, vanilla, and orange blossom.  The flavor is complex, spicy, and…


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Honey SeaSalt Caramels

I make Honey Sea Salt Caramels at least once a week in the Four Seasons Atlanta pastry shop.  We are lucky to have honey from our own hives on the fifth floor terrace of the hotel.  Each batch makes about 200 caramels, so it's a long process from beginning to end.  What a great feeling when they are all wrapped, and the table is glittering with gold candy!  And an even better feeling when I see the guests enjoying them :)…


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